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This amazingly delicious sweet bread is the ultimate slice and toast bread machine mix recipe. It combines the flavors of brown sugar, cherries and raisins with just the right amount of cinnamon.

This only makes 6 for me, but since its made perfect bagels twice in a row, it is now THE bagel recipe.

Bread Machine Recipes

This savory garlic bread makes a delicious accompaniment to any pasta dish. Light, yet full of flavor, this bread is a favorite in our home!

Breadmaker mix - BRILLIANT. I mix bread flour and wheat flour, use a smidge more water than called for when putting it in the machine, and add some flaxseed. Comes out perfectly brown and soft and wonderful - better than store bought! YUMMMY.

Homemade Bread Machine Mix. Just mix dry ingredients and store. hen when needed add liquid ingredients and have home made bread

MYO Cinnamon Raisin Bread Machine Mix- This is a lightly sweetened cinnamon raisin bread.

Create your own Chocolate Chip Bread machine mix! This simple make ahead mix recipe makes a wonderful addition to gift baskets or as a simpl... - - Quick Mix #2 | Bread Mix Recipes | Use like Bisquick

How to make your own homemade mix for bread for your bread machine! This recipe makes enough to make 4 loaves of bread and is so easy to use to make quick, fresh homemade bread without any work!

# taste of home #easter dinner Fresh rolls a great addition to any meal