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Vatican City, Rome, Italy


Trevi Fountain Rome

Santorini, Greek Isles

Rome, Italy

italy italy italy

St Peter's at Night, Rome, Italy

Milan Cathedral, #Italy

Vintage travel poster showing a canal in Venice. Vittorio Grassi, circa 1920.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

positano, italy is the best place to stay while touring the amalfi coast. it is a short boat ride to naples, salerno, sorento, amafi, and the isle of capri.

Tower Tops, Amalfi, Italy

Rome , Italy

Grand Canal, Venice , Italy

The Four Bridges of Florence, Italy

Rome, sweet Rome

Colosseum in Rome :)

Venice - Italy

Rome through the Mount Cenis - Travel poster for train service from Paris to Rome via Lyon, Cannes 1920

Lake Como, Italy