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Antique Trunk Artwork, Lady & Doves

Antique Trunk Artwork, Lady In Feathered Hat

Antique Trunk Artwork, Dark-Haired Lady

Antique Trunk, Little Girl & Flowers Artwork

Antique Trunk, Tea Party Artwork

Lady Picture #11 Inside Trunk Lid

Artwork Of Pretty Lady In Lid Of Antique Trunk

Lady Picture #8 Inside Trunk Lid

Ukrainian embroidery

birds and flowers

Martin Raminez UNTITLED (Animal Scroll) | American Folk Art Museum

crow mother kachina

folky flower -

1818 fraktur

These wooden birds, carved inside World War II-era Japanese American internment camps, are a sampling of the artwork in The Art of Gaman by Delphine Hirasuna. The birds tiny legs were crafted from the surplus snipped off the wire mesh screens over barrack windows.

Bird Tree American Folk Art Museum

Book plate.