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The Z.E.D. 1 - because eventually you're going to run out of ammo during the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. The machete is a great tool for the Zombie Apocalypse. It's only drawback is its lack of reach, but The Z.E.D 1 extends your range by over a foot, adding dimension to your apocalyptic toolkit. Good balance, good reach, sturdy yet lightweight. For people unskilled in the Kitana. Can still be used as a machete. Kill Zombies and Chop Wood.

Can Your Machete Hack it? | Sometimes it’s easier to make the tool I need than to spend hours or days trying to find one that’s already just the way I want it. #SurvivalLife

The Condor Golok Machete is an Indonesian design that encompasses a thick blade with a pronounced taper. The result is an outstanding combination of chopping and slicing power. The Golok machete is Heavy Duty yet well balanced with a classic blade that has the chopping power of an axe with the slicing ability of a machete.

Now that's a knife!! Predator Machete

This is the tactical Golok, a traditional chopping tool, originating in southeast Asia. Or as would be designed by a Klingon, trapped in prehistoric ages, on earth, who had naught but primitive tools. WITH NO USABLE DILITHIUM CRYSTALS.

The Backwoods Bone Machete with optional hand guard.

ZOMBIE SURVIVAL TOOL - Machete - In the right hands this long blade can be both tool and weapon. Able to cut through the overgrowth that is sure to take over the once populated cities of the world and take the head off of a piece of zombie scum. How to care for your machete:

Condor Golok with a traditional inspired sheath