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Some 61 percent of Jewish Israelis believe Donald Trump is friendly to Israel, according to a new poll from the Independent Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University. The poll also revealed that the group prefers that a Republican be the next president of the United States over a Democrat. In a direct matchup between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the poll found that a large majority prefer the former Secretary of State over Sanders, who is Jewish. Forty percent of the Israelis said…

Many regions of country experienced long-term droughts conditions and there are also many areas that are in the conditions ....

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#Divorce is a reality for a growing number of aging couples, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “gray divorce”. Read this article for some advice if you or someone you know is going through this right now.

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4 Numbers That Prove America Is a Deeply Messed Up Place - There's something perversely wrong with a society that creates $30 trillion in new wealth while putting six million more children on food stamps. | Alternet

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