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What every mother sees when her boy leaves...Awwww...but God bless every Mother that raised her son to want to do this for his country!!! May God be with him as he serves, fights, protects, and bring him home to you!!! Thank you a all for your service!!!

See! I'm not anti-choice! Just some of the things people want to choose, like killing abusing or otherwise hurting others.

Sex, Safety, And Machismo: How Guns Are Advertised In America

That's right!! I ain't afraid to shoot nobody who tries to hurt me or my family!!

Agreed ~ note to the world: being a God-lover does not make one a fellow human being hater, if anything, it makes one love their neighbor that much more! Without God as their witness, who would they fear (have 'awe' for)?? But with a loving and merciful Father, God-lovers strive to love Him, others and themself. Peace. <3

They will not post information about criminals arrested and in possession of an legal firearm either. They only post law abiding gun owners with permits....