Seen@: Martinis, Jazz, & The Roaring 20's at the Wood Museum of Springfield History - Photo Gallery -

London Natural History Museum. Photo by Katie_Pollitt

Shelves like this would be nice in the den with old b/w photos displayed

heritage layout by Nancy Boyle.... love the "then & now" photos

Would be nice to have a grouping like this above the sofa. But then again, the pic that is there now has been there probably since 1976, so do I really want to remove a piece of history, lol? Well, seriously - do I?

Family Photo Wall(: great way to display your childhood photos.. So doing once we get his from his family!

family history display - I love this so very much! Unfortunately, I do not have photos of most all of my ancestors. :(

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atasteofblue: Natural History Museum, London, England | photo via alien

Paul McCartney 5.2.2016 Sioux Falls — Photo 2

Tails, feathers, claws, paws, and slender toes peak out from blurred scans of natural history specimens included in Ann Hamilton's new exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle.