Youth Division - "Unto You a Child is Born." Materials used: pasta, sunflower seeds, sprinkles, shredded wheat, peanut brittle, cotton candy, cookies, Lifesavers, licorice, and melted hard candy. (2013 entry)

Adult Division - "Winter Castle at Christmas." Materials used: gingerbread, fondant, royal frosting, spaghetti. (2013 entry)

Youth Division - "The Gingerbread Wizard." Materials used: Fruit Roll-ups, Dots, Twizzlers, and pretzels. (2013 entry)

Adult Division - "The House in the Woods." Materials used: pretzels, Twizzlers, chocolate bars, and coconut flakes. (2013 entry)

Adult Division - "All Aboard the Polar Express." Materials used: Fondant, sprinkles, ice cream cones, licorice, cinnamon chips, and peanut butter bars. (2013 entry)

Youth Division - "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Materials used: Spiced Dots, Red Hots, pretzels, Skittles, Fruit Roll-ups, and Twizzlers. (2013 entry)

Youth Division - "Gingerhill Ski Slope." Materials used: ice cream cones, powdered sugar, frosting, noodles, and Lifesavers. (2013 entry)

Adult Division - "Gingerbread House of Cards." Corruption, betrayal and frosting! A meditation on the sweet temptation of absolute power. (2013 entry)

Adult Division - "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Close-up of Jack Skellington. (2013 entry)

This is Cat In The Hat & Friends, an entry in the youth division by Sophie Coyne.

This is Green Eggs and Ham, an entry in the youth division by Esme Powers.

The Kiss Artist: William-Adolphe Bouguereau Completion Date: 1863 Style: Neoclassicism Genre: genre painting Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: 86.4 x 113.7 cm Gallery: Private Collection Tags: mother-and-child

Mix & Match Balls - by Pamela Sunday

Regine Ramseier's installation made of dandelions. Incredible.

Jessica Brilli

Wayne Thiebaud

Ellen Dittebrandt - Acrylic

This is my favorite smoothie ever. You can't even taste the greens - it just tastes like something you would drink if you were laying on a beach somewhere. My kids call it the "Hulk" shake and they love it!

Birthday Cake Popcorn by The Endless Meal

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