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How to block unwanted pins on Pinterest (I don't know about you, but I've been buried in spam followers of late; this is how you stop it.)

Wie man häufige Fehler auf Pinterest vermeiden kann.

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SEE COMMENTS AND TIPS: I’m annoyed that this gardening board has been attacked by spam. I’ve reported each ‘person’ who is perpetrating the spam, but it’s helpful if many of us report the spammers. These same spammers are attacking multiple group boards.

How do edit spam on your Pinterest boards.

Useful tips on using Pinterest.

Very good tips for Pinterest!

How To Organize Pinterest Boards suggests subcategories and alphabetizing. I did this a while back and it has made it SO much easier to find things. Also, I have "work" boards and "pretty" boards. "Garden-Useful Information" is a work board and "Garden-Pretty Flowers and Vegetables" is self- explanatory.

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Be careful :o). More Pinterest tips @

This is the place to find out if popular Pins on Pinterest live up to their claims. It's like the Mythbusters of Domesticity!


Having your Pinterest account frozen, or being put in "Pinterest jail", can happen to anyone if you're not careful.