Hang pictures-use blue tape for measuring hole distance, then put tape on wall. PERFECT!!

How to hang them!

An easier way to hang pictures & other wall decor -- this sounds so cool!

trick for hanging photos, especially in a gallery wall: You simply use the painter’s tape to establish the position of the nails on your wall, use a level to keep them straight and hammer the nail into the right spot.

amazingly easy trick to caulking

How to remove shower mold in hard to reach places with no scrubbing!

Fixing a stripped hole with a golf tee. I would never have known how to do this.

Easy way to hang a picture.. So smart!

Homemaker tips...good ones! I will thank myself for pinning this one day!

hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high

This lady is AMAZING!! She is a thrift store genius!

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS! this is important since helium is not a renewable source and is in such short supply.

easy bows

Rubbermaid ballpoint paint pen to hold left-over paint and touch-up walls easily!

Cleaning is really about how you set up your house:....there are some really great ideas here.

The ONLY stain remover that actually worked on a seriously set in stain! I am never buying oxyclean again. * must remember to try this*

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 28 Pics

So smart!!!!

DUH! Awesome!

Absolutely Loving this!!! Looks simple to make but so pretty especially fot a girls room. Could probably be made a bit boyish too if wanted. Fabric Wall Cross

Whether you're finishing a basement, repairing a damaged wall, or hanging drywall in a new house, these taping tips will help you make smooth, invisible seams, even at inside corners.