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engagement picture one day? absolutely.

"I would kiss you in the middle of a lightning storm. I would kiss you knowing it would kill me, cause I’d rather be left for dead than left to wonder what thunder sounds like." ― Andrea Gibson, Wasabi

(Open rp be him) "Y/N! Put me down now!" I exclaimed as soon as I felt my boyfriend pick my up in his arms and spin me around. He knew just how to to make me laugh and smile since we had been best friends in elementary school. "Hmmm....nope!" He replied, keeping my where I was. Boy, some days I hated to love him.

2 little monkeys jumping on the bed... A cute picture with your childhood best friend.

Alyssa J Freitasfrom Alyssa J Freitas

Etiquette: Saying Goodbye

Keşke son bir kez bunu bana hak bilseydin. Canımı veririm bunu son kez yapmak için

A hug like this just makes me wanna hug my crush sooo bad!!! Eeeeepp!!