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Nutella cupcakes.

self frosting nutella cupcakes. Tried them Ummm. not so good. The cupcake was dry and kind of tasteless. the nutella was great in them though. I'd try a cupcake mix/recipe I like, either frosted in nutella, or with a nutella "surprise" in the middle.

Nutella Banana Bread!  This recipe is absolutely AMAZING!

Nutella Banana Bread

Make banana bread batter. Nuke cup nutella for 15 seconds. Mix with 1 cup banana bread batter. Marble nutella batter with rest of banana bread batter. Bake and eat before your family gets home!


New and improved: self-frosting nutella cupcakes (less dense and moister than original recipe)

Nutella & Cheese Danish...so simple and so delicious!

Flour Me With Love: Nutella & Cheese Danish 1 ounce) can croissant dough 1 ounce) block of cream cheese, softened C powdered sugar 3 Tbs. Nutella some extra Nutella, melted a little powdered sugar.skip the nutella and use chocolate peanut butter!

Nutella Cupcakes

Nutella Cupcakes: Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Nutella and topped with Nutella Buttercream. Nutella Cupcakes: Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Nutella and topped with Nutella Buttercream.

Nutella & Sea Salt Fudge** This fudge was very easy to make and tasted delicious! I personally could not taste the Nutella, but others were able to taste a hint of it. It's a very smooth fudge. I loved the touch of salt. Two things I did differently 1) I didn't bother buttering the dish. I assume that's to help keep the paper from moving around. We had no problems. 2) I didn't have sea salt so I just used coarse Kosher salt. It's a lot finer and doesn't look as pretty, but it gets the job…

Chocolate Nutella & Sea Salt Fudge

Burnt Butter Sea Salt Cookies  We just made them… And they’re possibly some of the best chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever eat.  Recipe by The Ambitious Kitchen    Ingredients  2 1/4 cup all-purpose flour  1 1/4 teaspoons baking soda  1/4 teaspoon of salt  2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter  1 1/4 cup packed dark brown sugar  1/4 cup granulated sugar  1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk  1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract  1 tablespoon plain greek yogurt  3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate

Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies {my favorite cookie ever} : From Ambitious Kitchen : This recipe hasn't been converted to gluten free/dairy free yet, but looked too amazing to not save!


on a Whim. It's a smores pie. A very handsome smores pie.

Actual nutella stuffed french toast recipe. Original pin didn't have the recipe so I dug around for it!

I don't love french toast, but I do love Nutella. So, nutella stuffed french toast must be amazing