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riddles that get you thinking

Oh my goshhhhh!!!!! This is so amazing!!!! Made me cry!!!! Super long, but it's worth reading all of it!!! ♥

Kids will LOVE you -Squirt gun painting is such an awesome summer art activitiy! - Fireflies and Mud Pies

“Fast Food” | 25 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Texas. omg whataburger YES!!

Do not read^


W-T-Feminists: An Open Letter To "The Oppressed" — Republican Girl Probs

The one about political correctness — Republican Girl Probs

Free Wallpaper for Your Desktops and Mobile Device - The Cottage Market


She's My Unbiological Sister Best Friends by AwesomeBestFriendsTs

Try this girls!!! I will


Grrr...I have to pin it to 10 things...All right -.-

"I like your shoelaces" "I stole them from the president"


Engraved Gold Texas Monogram Necklace

Let's be honest- this is how I feel when someone doesn't like ANY of my fandoms

Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl


Ferrari 458 Italia setting the city a light in bright Yellow! #spon - Check it out.

John Green & Ansel Elgort they are too cute


using the {S.O.A.P.} method for bible study {+ a cute ribbon bookmark} Love Love Love this method! Been studying the bible this way for a year now and would definitely recommend it!