spray paint doilies on canvas = instant and awesome art.

DIY Doily Canvas Art.

Spray Paint Through Lace!

Love this! I have tons of doilies that belonged to my grandma and found at yard/estate sales! Sew doilies together for a table runner.

Canvas Art DIY Tutorial

Mod podge a copy of your marriage certificate to your last name initial.

Elmer's glue on canvas. Then paint.

Never would have thought of that! Freaking awesome! SO CUTE - and so inexpensive too - spray them in paint too!

Spray paint, canvas and doilies!

Apply Wooden Letters On Canvas And Spray Paint. - Click for More...

Canvas - don't chase anything but drinks and dreams #savscrafts #2013

spray paint leaf silhouette - you can also paint the back of leaves (where the veins are) by hand and then press the painted side onto canvas or paper to make a leaf print. Can come out beautiful!


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Pedestal Photo Frames - Spray paint frames and candlesticks the same color. Glue the frame to candlestick and let dry overnight. Insert photo and display.

Mixed Media Canvas by Gabrielle Pollacco - YouTube

Canvas art.

DIY art work

Framed picture display with painted canvas & tin

Jessica's Musings - used 16x20 in canvas - acrylic paint - scrapbook paper cut in shapes of flower petals Elmer's Glue and mod podge