Hand and foot stamped Christmas dish towels - the grandparents will love these!

Christmas Ornament for kids to make

sm photo wreath v-day - Im thinking this would make a great Christmas present for some grandparents this year! I just need some good shots of the kids from this years photo shoots, Photoshop, craft supplies, and pigabunga were set! (Why should the cows get all the excitement?)

Father's Day handprint art as part of a book. Pages get added each year

gifts for their grandmas.

Great gift for Christmas for the grandparents!

Great Grandparent Gift

Wishing Spool Ornament - Ask kids what they want for Christmas and write it on this homemade ornament! It would be fun to have one of these each year as the kids grow up - to look back on and remember what they were into at every age...

Christmas gift for a neighbor - "Ho Ho Ho From the Ding Dongs next door" I am sooo doing this too funny!

Gum....who knew? Too cute! I should do this to a pack of gum and give it to my gun chewing husband!

Footprint flowers and other crafts kids can make with their prints.

Christmas footprints....this is Awesome

clothespin wreath to hang christmas cards

Definitely going to do this! Because everything my kids do is important to me and this would be a great memory

Christmas gift?

grandparent christmas gifts diy

Made from hand prints and foot print. Santa is made from thumb prints.

Cute Christmas stocking