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  • Amy Horton

    Funny stuff

  • Crystal

    Bahahahaha! This is awesome for bachelorette parties!!

  • Megan Baloh

    Too funny! No more elf on the shelf!

  • Narelle Biedermann

    hahahahahahaha ... I hate that stupid elf on a shelf crap - this is brilliant! Whore in a drawer ... I'm going to laugh about that for hours!

  • Amy Robbins

    funny memes pics photos 36 Memes Humor Funny Images Fun meme humor funny

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I see your elf on a shelf picture and raise you 6 'Whore in a Drawer' photos.

i can't resist cute/funny animals.

~ I took a pain pill. Why are you still here?

Bahahaha!!! Jordan Burchell yes we are the whores!!! Lmao

Oh my gosh.... I have seen some pretty crazy things at Walmart but I think this is top 5!!! Hahahahaha!

This store uses alternative names I am NEVER calling it a couch again!

I confess - I am the first one - PRIMARLY because they set the danged decorations up in the middle of summer.

Great Parenting of the Day Get the full story and pics here:

I'm the dude on the top. That's all the warning you're going to get. Approach at your own peril come November 1st.

I would either spend forever trying to open, or laugh at him immediately. There is no in between.