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i can't resist cute/funny animals.

Con la caida de Mordor los orcos comenzaron a aceptar cualquier trabajo para sobrevivir

Bahahaha!!! Jordan Burchell yes we are the whores!!! Lmao

I confess - I am the first one - PRIMARLY because they set the danged decorations up in the middle of summer.

One time we were at the mall in Houma, LA and I did this and my sister turned around to find me like that. She burst out laughing and almost fell lol

Great Parenting of the Day Get the full story and pics here:

this is hilarious!!! but im pretty sure that crosses a line!! isnt the elf supposed to watch the kids be good....not give them evil ideas LOL~!!!!!!

Misunderstood Dryer...glad my socks are going towards a good cause

Why does this keep happening?

21 Jump Street, hilarious movie!