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    Whore in a drawer!!!


    I'd love to see a short film based on this concept. Yes, I'm weird :)

    ok. THIS is funny.

    Harry is Tootsie Floppy-Feet Niall is Buddy Pickle-Pants Liam is Tinker Sugar-Socks Zayn is Jolly Angel-Eyes and last but certainly not least Louis is Tinker Twinkle-Toes


    Only at Walmart...


    Pin whore? Ha!

    inappropriate elf!

    yep!!! lol


    So true! "What?" "dkfjak" "What?" "dkfjak" "What?" "dkfjak" "Oh..*laughs nervously* Riiight." xD

    I'm not saying she's a whore, but I'm pretty sure she's been pounded more than an alarm clock on a Monday morning.

    So true!

    pretty sure this will be me

    If you say this is for Christmas AND my birthday... Prepare to die.

    My drinking is completely under control.

    For the grown man in the hospital for 2 days while his wife and children are home with the same thing.

    Today's been a drinking wine out of a sports bottle kind of day.