Whore in a drawer!!!


I'd love to see a short film based on this concept. Yes, I'm weird :)

ok. THIS is funny.

yep!!! lol

Harry is Tootsie Floppy-Feet Niall is Buddy Pickle-Pants Liam is Tinker Sugar-Socks Zayn is Jolly Angel-Eyes and last but certainly not least Louis is Tinker Twinkle-Toes

I'm not saying she's a whore, but I'm pretty sure she's been pounded more than an alarm clock on a Monday morning.

Only at Walmart...


If you say this is for Christmas AND my birthday... Prepare to die.

Today's been a drinking wine out of a sports bottle kind of day.

pretty sure this will be me

For the grown man in the hospital for 2 days while his wife and children are home with the same thing.

Holiday cheer!

My drinking is completely under control.

So true!

Inappropriate Elf on a Shelf (35 pics). I am pinning this before I even look at all of them, because I can already tell...

Work. Work. Work.