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    Art "I wish I was a unicornso I could stab all the fucktards in the head" funny-stuff

    Trying to sleep without Nyquil when you're sick is like trying to take a shower without soap. It doesn't work!! <<< Strong believer in the magic!

    Quirky, fun, art print, 'I make pretty sht all day', rainbow and unicorn, 8x10 print. I need this for my cubicle ^_^

    They see me Rollin

    haha scooter

    free hugs


    Every day at work.

    Unicorns are awesome. I am awesome. Therefore I am a unicorn. #wisdom #affirmations

    fuck the police

    I just died.


    Love and marriage go together like a horse and... oh, who cares?

    This is hilarious!

    SHUNNNNN!!!!! Charlie the Unicorn


    I can't stop laughing.....

    Laughed a little too hard at this.

    Filthy Farmgirl - Enchanted Wonderberry "Our unicorns, Sparkle-Muffin and Twinkle-Nose just love rolling in rainbow mud. Normally they loath taking baths, but once they see this special soap, they can’t resist galloping’ into the tub for a delicious scrub!"

    when people piss you off, just send them a Fuck Younicorn. It's majestic as fuck.