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Can you serve God in the mundane parts of life?

Does "Do everything to the glory of God" include housework? Yes! Here's how to make the most of the time we spend on tasks we don't love.

My 20s? Looking back twenty years on who I was at 25 and who I wish I had been. What would I do differently? Everything! and nothing. . .

When Life is too Busy for God

Sometimes we go through busy seasons and we think we are too busy for God. If we are rooted & grounded in Him, we can survive those seasons.

Remembering God's Faithfulness {plus a printable

As I sit here on the first day of school I wrote a letter to my boys. I have so many things I need and want to say to them while they are still under my roof.

Accepting Yourself

Accepting yourself for who you are is very hard but it is very important if you intent to be useful to God.

The Chance to Overcome: Plus Two Free Bonuses

The Chance to Overcome. Scheduling you days in the context of who God wants you to be in the key to success!

10 Things Healing My Soul This Summer

Are you worn out? frayed around the edges? Maybe it's time to nurture your soul. And, friend, I have just the thing to help!

No Perfection Here & Hearts For Home Blog Hop

Trying to be perfect it so over rated. Now being real and viewing yourself with grace like God does. Well that is just liberating