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Close up of the right hand of Michelangelo's David. The detail of the veins, fingernails, everything is just amazing!

Michelangelo: Statue of Giuliano de' Medici c. 1526-34 Marble Height 173 cm (5 1/2 ft) Medici Chapel, San Lorenzo, Florence

sculptures of hands | Michelangelo, "David", detail of David's hand

One of Michelangelo's Unfinished Slaves. They are forever struggling to emerge from stone

Michelangelo's Arrotino [the blade sharpener]. His gift to make stone exude life, unmatched to this day in my opinion.

David (detalle). Miguel Angel Buonarotti

Vaticano. La capilla Sixtina - Miguel Angel

don't really know why I am so drawn to cemeteries. perhaps it is my aversion to be buried. they are a sad place. loved ones gone and forgotten over time. I don't "do" death well. loss is long and deep.

The Canadian Pacific Railroad commissioned three statues, called "Winged Angel", from Montreal Sculptor Coeur de Lion MacCarthy, to commemorate the 1,116 employees it lost in WWI. Statues were unveiled in 1922 in Winnipeg, Montréal and Vancouver.