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Man ("Brutus Capitolinus") - detail, Roman bust (bronze), 4th-3rd century BC, (Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome).

Hadrian, 76-138 AD Roman Emperor, Bronze Head, from Egypt

Juba II, king of Mauretania (reigned 25 BCE-23 CE). Educated in Rome, he married Cleopatra Selene,daughter of Cleopatra VII.and Anthony.Bronze bust from Volubilis,Morocco. Bronze, 47 cm Inv.Vol.140

Busto de Júpiter - segundo siglo dC, después de modelo griego de la segunda mitad del siglo cuarto. BC

Bronze Head of M. Agrippa Period: Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian, 1st century C.E. Roman - Creo que fue el que mandó construir el Panteón.

The Chatsworth Head ca. 460 BC This bronze cast of the god Apollo was found near Tamassos, Cyprus. It is slightly larger than life-sized and originally included inlaid eyes. This fragment of the original sculpture in now housed in The British Museum, London, England.

Musei Vaticani

Caesar, head of Roman sculpture (marble), 1st century BC, (Musei Vaticani, Vatican City).

Head of an Athlete (Apoxyomenos) c. 2nd–1st century B.C. Hellenistic or Roman, probably after Lysippos (Greek, c. 365–c. 310 B.C.)