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    Autism Discussion Page on Facebook. Bill Nason, MS, LLP offers a wealth of information, powerpoints, photos, discussion forum, etc. This page is just so amazing and helpful! Parents, family, therapists, and teachers of individuals with autism should take in what this man shares. His knowledge and information is invaluable!

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Autism Discussion Page facebook page- This is one of the most helpful pages I use as a parent and teacher.

Autism & Special Needs resources for teachers and parents. #Autism

50% OFF SPRING RESOURCES!!! Follow my store to learn about many other sales. Resources for teachers and parents. Autism & Special Needs, K, Pre-K.

Rage-Control for Children on the Autism Spectrum: Advice for Parents and Teachers

"My Emotional Thermometer" was created to help teachers teach younger children to learn to recognize their own escalation cycle, an important step in developing emotional regulation skills. $

Mini schedules for Centers. Great for children with autism in special ed setting or regular ed setting.

Calm down checklist. Good one. FREEBIE Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

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Autism Discussion Page on Facebook

Key success elements are not only applying to children with Autism but also the normal children

I still think having a diagnosis doesn't mean you have something more than other people; it just means it's been identified. For example, I'm not diagnosed yet. But I think I'm eligible for 6 letters, three medications, and 6 months...of um...I'm fine.