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Tesuque buffalo dancers: The Buffalo dance is performed, though the original object of exerting prenatural influence on the abundance and accessibility of the buffalo no longer prevails. The two male dancers are accompanied by the Buffalo Girl, who is fully clothed in native costume and has a pair of small horns on the head. These three give a very striking and dramatic performance under the watchful eye of the head of the hunters' society. 1925. Edward Sheriff Curtis Photography.

Bull Neck – Arikara: A member of the Buffalo order of the medicine fraternity. Bull Neck is portrayed wearing his head-dress of buffalo horns and hide. 1908. Edward Sheriff Curtis Photography.

Wasee Maza, Lakota Tribe (Sioux) 1857-1955 (his English name is written in various books articles as Iron Tail or Iron Hail) Later changed his name to Dewey Beard. He was the last survivor of both the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876, and the Battle of Wounded Knee in 1890. While in Washington, D.C. he was chosen as one of 3 models for the Indian head profile on the Buffalo Nickel. Buffalo Bill was quoted as saying "Iron Tail is the finest man I have ever known, bar none."