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GLASS BOTTLE HOUSE - Houses constructed from recycled glass bottles are not a recent innovation and Tom Kelly's bottle house in Ryolite, Nevada was constructed from 51,000 glass bottles back in 1920. The air in the bottles is a great insulator.

Camille Stylesfrom Camille Styles

Here's Johnny

There was this house that i would always pass on the way to my mothers that would have bottles like this in the window. I would always look for them because i adored them.

Cap-Egmont at The Bottle Houses (Maisons de Bouteilles). Made of over 25,000 different colored glass bottles.

TreeHuggerfrom TreeHugger

Buddhist Temple Built from Beer Bottles

temple built from beer bottles

You know you love bottles when your entire house is built with them and you still decide to display extra ones and special ones on every crossbeam and window sill.