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Group portrait of members of the extended Himmler family. Pictured from right to left: Gebhard Himmler (Heinrich's father), Frau Himmler (Heinrich's mother), Ernst Himmler (Heinrich's brother), Margarete Himmler, Heinrich Himmler, fiance of Gebhard Himmler, Jr., and Gebhard Himmler, Jr. (Heinrich's brother).

Seaman David Crazy Thunder (Oglala) and mother, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, 1945. Marquette University Archives

Viktors Arājs (13 January 1910 – 13 January 1988) was a Latvian collaborator and Nazi SS officer, who took part in the Holocaust during the German occupation of Latvia and Belarus (then called White Russia or White Ruthenia) as the leader of the Arājs Kommando. The Arajs Kommando murdered about half of Latvia's Jews.

SS-Obersturmfuehrer, Baum Gartner Ludwig, who served in the Flossenburg death camp, in Germany. This is the face that innocent victims saw as they were marched to the gas chambers

Jewish men awaiting death in a gassing van at Chelmno death camp. 320,000 Jews were murdered in Chelmno death camp; four survived.

The women behind the 'Super Race Children': Nazi nurses who helped scientists in quest to breed elite Aryan race and euthanize the 'undesirables'

Nazi General Erwin Rommel greets Nazi nurses in 1943. The article is also very interesting. Aryan-looking children were taken from their homes in an effort to build up the "super-race." Children with brown hair underwent UV treatment in an effort to make their hair appear lighter.

Barakoos being executed during the War of the Interior, the precursor to the Fourth Great Inga-Strangian War. (The Annabeth Years)

[Photo] SS-Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Heß viewing a model of the Dachau Concentration Camp, Dachau, Germany, 8 May 1936