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Zucchini and Fresh Corn Farmers' Market Salad with Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette

This raw salad gets its spunk from a garlicky-lemon basil vinaigrette that lightly marinates the thin squash peels and freshly shucked corn kernels.

Clean Broccoli Salad with Creamy Almond Dressing

CLEAN Broccoli Salad - non-mayo-based vegan goodness! with purple cabbage, raisins, almonds, green onions, and a creamy almond butter dressing. seriously yummy! | Vegan, gluten free, paleo, and vegetarian. | Click for healthy recipe. | Via Pinch of Yum

Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup - a simple, velvety, back-to-basics meal! Easy to make with familiar ingredients - chicken, garlic, spinach, carrots, evaporated milk, and bacon. |

Spring Salad with Asparagus, Goat Cheese, lemon and Hazelnuts (PROUD ITALIAN COOK)

Autumn Glow Salad with Lemon Dressing

Autumn Glow Salad with Lemon Dressing - a simple recipe thats a MUST for healthy, glowy eating! Roasted cauliflower, sweet potato, grains, and apples. Vegetarian and vegan. |

Slow Cooker Ham and Potato Soup

Slow Cooker Ham and Potato Soup that's creamy, full of vegetables and chunks of ham, finished off with milk and sour cream for a easy and delicious hearty soup.

Thanksgiving Salad with Wild Rice and Lemon Dressing

Easy Thanksgiving Salad - arugula, cashews, dried cranberries, red onions, wild rice, and a lemon dressing that shakes up easily in a jar. This recipe is ALWAYS a hit for Thanksgiving! also: conveniently gluten free and vegan. |

Mediterranean Quinoa Bowls with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce