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Scarlet gilia is an amazing plant for a variety of ailments, and has long been used by the Dine nation (Navajo) where it is called "Hozhooji nat’oh bit’aa tichi’igii" which translates as red-leaf Blessing Way tobacco. Dine women eat the ground-up flowers to ensure they will have a healthy pregnancy and an easy delivery. Ointments and compresses can be made from the leaves and flowers to relieve aches and pains of arthritis. When out hiking, you can chew the leaves and apply to itchy bug…

Though it's only recently become famous among health food lovers, herbalists have long known about goji berries and their health benefits. Known to most herbalists as lycium, this fruit-bearing plant offers a variety of health benefits ranging from eye health, to liver protection, to healthy gut flora, to healthy cholesterol.

Air pollution tied to slight reduction in birth weight

Reuters reported: "Women who were exposed to air pollution during pregnancy tended to give birth to slightly lighter babies .... The type of exposure measured in this study is not really something that can be avoided because these tiny particles easily travel indoors, [Tracey] Woodruff said. So the best way to reduce exposure is to address the sources."

On valerian: “The drug allays pain and promotes sleep. It is of especial use and benefit to those suffering from nervous overstrain…During the recent War, when air-raids were a serious strain on the nerves of civilian men and women, valerian…proved wonderfully efficacious, preventing or minimizing serious results.”

"Honeysuckle flowers (Lonicera japonica, Caprifoliaceae) are powerfully anti-microbial and anti-viral and are one of the most widely used medicinals in the world. I use the flowers to treat hot inflamed conditions – urinary tract infections, laryngitis, sinus and ear infections, head colds, and even staph infections."

Linden is a delicious herb that can be enjoyed as a simple after-dinner tea. It can also be used for improving heart health, supporting nervous system health and for a variety of symptoms related to upper respiratory viruses.

Sandalwood Chittim Stone Root Ague Healing Medicinal Plants 1907 Edwardian Herbalist Chart Lithograph To Frame I

This video shows you how to make your own Echninacea Tincture. With Rosemary Gladstar's expert advice, anyone can make their own herbal remedies for common ailments. Her Whole-Plant Echinacea Tincture is used to ward off an infection, a cold, or the flu. For more information about using Echinacea and other medicinal herbs, see Rosemary's new...