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Eat Your Way to Better Breathing - Native Spirits Tribal Community

I have so much respect for the Native American peoples. We share many beliefs & morals. I think the world would be a better place if we mimicked their way of life.

Spirits of the Wild (Native American Shaman Photoshop) by garrettscottdesign, via Flickr

Geronimo and Nieces. One of the first and best National Homeland Security Chiefs! God Please Send America some men and women with backbone! Like those that once walked her shorelines and deep forests! For the spirit of defiance - a lesson they have provided for all our benefit. For their example of fearlessness in the face of certain calamity! Heroes!

Heed To The Spirit - Aboriginal dancer photographed on Vee Lake, Northwest Territories | by davebrosha via Flickr.

I have many Native American guides and lots of anscestors ... I pray to them and give them offerings as thanks for walking with me ...

"Spirit Dancer" by bigjbelt, via Flickr Spirit and Religion

What Native Americans think about gay marriage. Wow that is pretty cool. People need to find other things to worry about in their lives. Just because you don't agree with something, doesn't mean it's wrong.