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Ethnic Cuisines: A Comprehensive Bibliography in the English Language Includes Armenia, Georgia, ...

Armenian cuisine includes the foods and cooking techniques of the Armenian people, the Armenian Diaspora and traditional Armenian foods and dishes. Description from I searched for this on

Abu Dhabi (أبوظبي)

2014 praise team at Evangelical Community Church Off Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. This group includes Believers from Philippines, UK, South Africa, Armenia, Australia, and the US.

BugsAlive posted a photo: Mont Lozère, Parc National des Cévennes, Lozère, France Family : Lycaenidae Subfamily : Lycaeninae Species : Lycaena tityrus This species is distributed throughout most of mainland Europe but absent in Scandinavia, a large part of Spain, and also the U.K. Continues eastwards to Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and Turkey. It is a small, very active, butterfly with a wingspan of 28-32mm. It is a sexually dimorphic species and the two sexes are very easy to tell apart…

i'll try all dumplings, including 'manti' (armenian dumplings)

Mkhitaryan not included on Armenian 'top 10 athletes of 2016' list

Front and rear of a silver amulet/charm pendant. Rural Armenian, dated 1877. Probably from eastern Anatolia. Size: 6½ x 4 cm. (Former) use: often hanging for a baby's cradle, or sewed unto young children's clothing.

Bagmashtu (also known as Bagparti, Bagvarti, Bagbartu) is a Urartian goddess, and the consort or wife of the chief Urartian god Haldi. Although throughout most of Urartu Arubani is known as Khaldi's wife, at the excavation of Musasir references to "Khaldi and his wife, Bagmashtu" were found inscribed on some of the items. It is assumed that when Urartu expanded its territories to include the area Musasir, local gods were incorporated and a new pantheon was created for that region.