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Quote from @Stephanie Precourt on motherhood. Super Mom.


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:) A really good list to remind me how to be a happy mom, even when things aren't going as "expected".

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mom quote

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Good to remember.

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SO true! Love this

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so sweet ! #child, #son,

Lily & Valfrom Lily & Val

Friends Become Our Chosen Family - Print

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"Friends Become Our Chosen Family" - This sentimental print would make a perfect gift for a best friend who is as close as family! ♥ Our fine art chalkboard prints will bring the rustic charm of a cha

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a child's laugh...

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3 Children and It: Quote of the Week - Motherhood

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Mother/Daughter quotes..Mother/Son quotes..Words On Images: Largest Collection of Quotes On Images per previous pinners


Stone decking and landscaping

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So important to remember.


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my kids!!<3


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I love being a mom




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Hands On As We Growfrom Hands On As We Grow

What I Wish Moms Would Say: Parenting Is…

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Love this quote (Mother and Child) too kute to not pin, hahah i know what my mom's heart sounds frm the inside :)

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so very true