Dress patterns, 1860

1751 Robe à la Française pattern from Encyclopedia: the Rational Dictionary of the Sciences (Diderot)


1808 gown pattern from New England

Dress patterns, from the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, 1860, Cup.702.e.2 British Library

Dress, U.K., 1860. Three pieces (skirt, daytime bodice, evening bodice). Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

1860 Dress

1860 Dress


1860 boudoir jacket back


Dress Patterns, 1860

Medieval dress pattern

1860–79, British, gold, garnet

Godey's 1860

British cream wool with blue soutache trim, 1860's

Arthur's Home Magazine May 1860

bodice pattern 1860

1860's (1861) civil war fashion plate.

Victorian shoe pattern found in the Peterson's Magazine of 1860.

Illustration of Ladies' Fashions, from The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, 1860