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Heroes of Olympus Instagram profiles Part 1...

So Leo hacked in and gave himself like 1000000000000000000000000000000000 folllowers 😂

Your book as a love triangle. That's cute. PJO and HOO

I love how they refused to aknoldge that perachel was ever an official ship <<< yessss. Also solangelo is canon now.

Heroes of Olympus Instagram profiles pt 2.... I love Leo's!

Lol Nico sounds like me.

And Jason's that dude that's calm even when he's drunk<<< I feel like that would be Annabeth and Jason would be trying to eat a stapler... again

Hahahahaha Percy and Leo hitting on everyone.

I actually remember about half of these...

I remembered all if these except for Frank sleeping as a bulldog and the bullet cut in Jason's hair<<<< The bullet groove is from Sciron (son of Poseidon, with a giant turtle) and the bulldog is just something mention in HoH I think

How can anyone hate Jason?

How can anyone hate Jason? << I don't hate Jason.


Again, happy birthday Seaweed Brain!

August Percys birthday, Percabeth anniversary and the death of Luke!Thanks Rick for such an amazing book series!<<<< Yes thank you Rick


I can't see half of these happening. I wish instead of Jason and Percy being friends in the BoO, it was more Jason and Leo or Jason and Nico < I dont really ship them. even as BrOTP.


Rly wanna read these books (Percy Jackson series and The Mark of Athena) Camp Half-Blood!

That's how Percabeth rolls. Enough of the percy veing obcessed with the not - my - type comment bullshit


Jason ships Solangelo as much as Zeus does Percabeth.

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lol, in our defence I will say it is the cover for the LAST book and Percy has been with us since the very begining >>> EXACTLY RICK!

I love how annabeth and Percy automatically stick together and then piper changes hers after Reyna says the same place as Jason. Meanwhile frank and Hazel are being their cute selves in Disney :)>>>>>>>>leo is in florida too.hazel picked it

Percy must have been adorable. <3

funny percy jackson pjo demigods Heroes of Olympus HoO This is cute but not really true. Percy didn't know about controlling the water till he was at camp half blood

Accepted. I love the part about Percy sounding like the ocean

Accepted. I love the part about Percy sounding like the ocean