Japanese tea house treehouse.

Japanese tea house. Look at the thatching

Japanese farm house & hot tea


Would love to have one of these in my backyard! The Japanese Tea House at Quatre Vents in Quebec Canada. Built by Japanese builders and authentic as can be. Very cool building


Tea container in Japanese Chestnut. By Tatsuya Aida

Terunobu Fujimori . tea house

Tea House,.. Terunobu Fujimori

Terunobu Fujimori - scorched wood tea house at V Museum

Terunobu Fujimori + Nobumichi Ohshima

Japanese Tea House

Tiny Houses

More tiny studio inspiration

Westchester County, New York - Built for twin daughters but equipped for the family to share, the main floor is reached by a series of ladders that break up the 18 foot high climb. The 2nd story sleeping loft is accessed by a hand built spiral stair case. The exterior salvaged barn wood from upstate NY was provided by Pioneer Millworks. A combination of GL support from below and cable support from above make a sturdy but floating structure able to handle high winds and tree growth.

The perfection of a small, old Japanese room with earthen plaster walls, a highly refined craft in Japan.

Tetsubin (鉄瓶) are Japanese cast iron pots having a pouring spout, a lid, and a handle crossing over the top, used for boiling and pouring hot water for drinking purposes, such as for making tea. en.wikipedia.org/... Image credit Dennis Wilkinson. #Tetsubin #Teapot #Cast_Iron

Japanese Tea House

Tea caddy (seitaka), Edo period (1615–1868) Nonomura Ninsei (Japanese, active ca. 1646–94) Stoneware with red, brown, and black glazes

Treehouse masters