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i do this to all my friends so into the personal board it goes

It's a universal rule, if the babies want to sleep on you you let them sleep on you

It's me in stages. I fall asleep looking like ethan, and wake up looking like mark, with seventeen pillows plus another blanket or five, and I'm just like "what happened??"

And then when Phil is a dad he would probably cuddle his kid until they fell asleep and stuff. I DON'T WANT THEM TO GROW UP THOUGH STOP MAKING ME THINK OF THESE THINGS!!!

AWW ..... cats...... sooo funny #Foto von ILI FLORIN von Flickr

I did this once (or at least close enough that I'm going to say I did!) I woke up in the morning and packed stuff, then headed to my friends house, we stayed up all night packing and talking then the next morning we headed for Southern CA... I fell asleep at like 7 that morning in the car!