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Before & After: Built ins. Can make a room look much larger than it actually is!

You could paint a piece of furniture the wall colour to give the illusion of a built in :)

looks like a hobbit house fireplace.. and it would be really easy to do too..

I kinda want a fire place like this that has a secret door on the other side. So when the fire is out you can sneak into the fireplace and through the secret door :)

Love everything about the wall with the fireplace. The windows, the built-ins, the colors. Perfect.

I love dark rooms that have adequate natural light - I want my office to look like this!

i-peach-feng-shui: (via lookmom) A bathtub next to a fireplace is like ice cubes on a stove- its definitely not idea ( kinda like my stove beside my refrigerator- which I have no control over!) So, what does one do? ADD WOOD. The wood floor ( if it were not painted) and the wood accoutrement help this room out definitively to create balance…

I want a fireplace similar to this with the tv in it. Also want it to be a double sided fireplace that can be used out on the front deck as well. Pa chimenea de tía Gelita