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i feel bad for ya son...

i feel bad for ya son.

It's amazing how quickly Botox and a big ego can be brought right...down...to...Earth.

Free and Funny Weddings Ecard: She thinks she's a trophy wife? The special olympics?

Cubicle Cardio- Get movin at the office!!  http://fitmediaconcepts.blogspot.com/

With the advent of TV, computers, and the desk job, we're sitting down more than ever before in history: hours a day, even more time than we spend sleeping hours)

No, bitch, it's not. I'm sorry that we can't carry both Pepsi AND coke products. Maybe I should just give you what we have and laugh on the inside when you can't tell the difference. If you've never been a server, shut the hell up.

{'I'd like a Diet Coke please.' 'Is Diet Pepsi okay?' 'Is Monoply money okay?'} My feelings exactly

Oops... too bad pinterest is more fun and working out hurts ands gets me all sweaty! LOL ;-)

Ouch--- If I could spend half as much time working out as I do sitting and pinning, I wouldn't need a weight loss board!


The internal monologue that goes on in my mind every time I want to eat junk food.

Propósitos de año nuevo. #Humor #Pastel

Cool Illustrations by Nabhan Abdullatif

Funny pictures about Whenever I need some motivation I look at this. Oh, and cool pics about Whenever I need some motivation I look at this. Also, Whenever I need some motivation I look at this.

The ONLY other reason I would run.... LOL @Kellie Osborn @Jessica Knox

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