Hahaha.... I know way too many ppl who've never watched Star Wars. Poor them.

That '70s Show quote - Octo-burn

That 70s Show

Then you've never seen it! Therefore we cannot be friends anymore until you fix this issue...

Problem Solved

My feelings exactly.

That 70s Show. Kelso is so stupid lol. I wonder if Ashton Kutcher gets sick of playing the dumb hot guy lol

Funny picture: Kelso dropped on his head | #knowing, #dropped, #head, #Kelso, #seventy, #show, #70s, #funny

haha poor girl!

It's ok to laugh...

Pitch Perfect(:

Why Scrubs is still one of the best shows ever...

You don’t have time for sympathy. You also enjoy playing Doctor. | Community Post: 21 Ways You Are Red Forman From "That 70's Show"

I loved this! Was my favorite! So funny still! But you have to hear their voices to understand. Suite Life of Zack & Cody ❤️

"I say good day" - Fez from That '70s Show

Hahah love red