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    The Paranormal Guide- what a horrible place...

  • Amber Beavers

    Just sayin...boggle was right..and I thought they were just for the labyrinth

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    I saw this on ghost hunters

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    The Leap Castle Oubliette! - If the owners of the castle did not like you for whatever reason, and wanted to punish you in the most harsh of...

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Taken by William Hope. In 1905 he became supposedly captured the image of a ghost while photographing a friend. He went on to found the Crewe Circle – a group of 6 spirit photographers. After World War I grieving relatives of those lost to the war sought a means of contacting their loved ones. Hope moved to London and became a professional medium. He was substituting glass plates bearing ghostly images in order to produce his spirit photographs.

the box of ghosts :: lucy reynolds

William Hope Seance picture.. gave me the chills...stay away from the Ouija board....

Carol Mayes Psychic Photos by evpmanuk, via Flickr -

A man pretended his wife was alive for a full month after her death. They are pictured here on day two.

Girl in the Woods with Apparition that seems to be casting a light by WonderfullyStrange, via Flickr dated1910...interesting photo postcard

my son calls some of the spirits he sees "the peekers" he says they peek out from walls or furniture and watch him~

Couple with a female spirit A woman's face appears above the couple - identified at the time as the sister of a man prominent in the Spiritualist Church. Her cloak adds to the ethereal effect. The signature in the upper left hand corner is by one of the sitters, to authenticate the plate. The couple are the parents of the person who compiled the spirit album. Collection of National Media Museum

Demonic entity photographed during a séance at Retchford House, 1933. The medium, Elizabeth Stolwort, had been reported missing a week after the events that night and was eventually found in a woodland nearby her home. Massive blood loss was the cause of death due to several deep lacerations across the body and both eyes had been violently gouged out. Others who had attended the sitting suffered from mental breakdowns or hallucinations, two had commited suicide.

Ghostly Window Photo "Curtain Lace Ghost" Tattered Lace Curtain - Fairy Tale Art - Haunted Photograph. missquietecontrary via Etsy.