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Two needle mittens pattern - just like the mittens from my childhood.

Classic Mittens Pattern | Knitting Patterns - warning, though - the site this pattern is on loves pop-up windows. ugh.

Mittens Knit on Two Needles – I Love Ombre Yarn! pattern

Always a little help to remember my needle sizes and the right yarn... though I generally knit lace so it gets thrown out the window ;)

When knitting in round ... If the first stitch on the needle is a purl stitch, then it's better to start the new needle above the previous needle.

Donna Wilson, preview from her fall collection which will be at the NY Int'l Gift Fair. This kind of pretty thing is why I'm both sorry I don't go to trade shows anymore, and also lucky I don't.

Knitting Needle Measurement- it's a sheep! I have a friend who collects cows, my great-aunt collected pigs... i think I'm the sheep person

Susie Rogers' Reading Mitts by Susie Rogers and available as a FREE PDF download on ravelry.

Double Pointed Needles Tip - Paint double pointed needles four different colors to help you keep track of which needle is doing what!

Mittens Knit On Two Needles – A Pair of Cables pattern