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#injection mold # China mold maker# There are some nice places near WIT MOLD office. Let’s introduce one of them to you call “Holland Flower Town”. If you walk, just take you 3 minutes from our office. That is very excellent park to take photos for girl , get a good coffee and buy some beautiful flower what you want but not too expensive. Hope you can be there. Any interesting in plastic mold, please do freely to contact us via or visit website:

Do you ever feel nostalgic about the present? It happens to me when I realize that the experience I'm having is one of such impact on my life and filled with so much happiness that I can already feel the days when I'll look back and wish I could relive it. It doesn't take me out of the moment but allows me to appreciate it even more. This is my view every morning as I step outside my front door in Buenos Aires. Beauty in a raw and different form than any other place I've lived in my life…

{created with #KodakEktra for @kodakphones} London can be a rather overwhelming place. Hoping from bus to tube or to a taxi you forget that nature is the ultimate beauty over concrete glass and paint. My favorite place to visit is Regents Park Queen Marys Gardens named after the wife of King George V where you can get lost among exotic flowers and admire the largest collection of roses. #ad

This listing is for one chrysocolla and rose pedal Flower of Life Orgonite Here are some common uses/benefits for Orgonite: -Eliminate EMF (smart meters, wifi, 4g electro-smog) -Transmutes deadly energy to positive life force energy -Enhance plant growth -Structure food and water-food keeps longer near orgonite -Balance the environment -enhanced psychic ability -helps anchor in higher dimensional energies Dimensions: 3” x 3/4" deep This is a circular shaped piece with…

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Ylang ylang + citrus Organic Oils Soap, Madeira, with organic coconut and sustainable palm oils

Madeira Island... where my maternal grandparents were from, and where the flowers are so abundant that there is a festival in their honor. The celebration includes flower carpets, and a wall of hope in which children place more flowers. Can you imagine the intoxicating fragrance in the spring air? Madeira Organic Oils Soap proudly pays homage to the birthplace of my grandparents, and to the island's beautiful flowers. Ylang ylang combines with citrus essential oils.

yellow daisies garlanded in the chapel and strewn in the candlelight in my wedding bouquet and on my head filled with hope they did not survive the harshness of that daylight nor did we only the daisies in my garden remain in my life soft to the touch and growing every year they allow me this beauty and the memory


Poppy Garden Sculptures

Simply beautiful set of garden sculptures consisting of 2 poppy flower heads on stems and 2 seed heads.Handmade and individually hand painted using recycled metals, these gorgeous poppies will add a pop of colour in your garden. You will receive 2 x closed seed pod on bending stems and 2 x poppy in full bloom. These can be placed at varying heights in your flower bed to create colour and interest in your garden. The poppies are imperfect in their beauty and we hope that our customers will…