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Odeon Cinema, Parsons Hill, BB87/03661The Woolwich Odeon opened on 25 October 1937. Designed by George Coles, it displays the 'Odeon style' of buff faience tiles and curving horizontals and verticals. The wall bearing the name Odeon hides an integral car park. Photographer: John Maltby Date Taken: October 1937 © English Heritage

Detail, Winter Garden, Blackpool, UK.

Winter Gardens, Blackpool | Chelsom

Connaught Theatre

opened in 1931 as the Palace Court Theatre. Bournemouth.

Battersea Power Station, 1935. John Maltby.

King Ethelbert School, Birchington-on-Sea

King Ethelbert School, Birchington-on-Sea

Coty Cosmetics Date: 1933 Architect: Wallis, Gilbert and Partners Borough: Hounslow

Avebury Manor's Keiller Parlour, near Marlborough, Wiltshire © NTPL/John Hammond

Art Deco Egyptian Revival tile decoration, detail, stylized pyramids and lotus flowers. Former Carlton Cinema, Essex Road, Islington. #egyptomania

Art Deco in Blackpool

Detail: Art Deco - Hoover Building, London, UK.

Victoria Coach Station window frames | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Imperial Airways Building, Victoria, London | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Georges Dock Building (Mersey Tunnels Head Office), Liverpool Pier Head | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ventilation building for the Queensway Tunnel between Birkenhead and Liverpool.

decorative Liver Bird on one side of the art deco Georges Dock Ventilation Tower (sometimes called the Mersey Tunnel Building) in Liverpool near the Three Graces.

THE MERSEY TUNNEL - THE JUNCTION CHAMBER on the Birkenhead side of the tunnel. The branch tunnel leads to the dock system, and the roadway is 19 feet wide between kerbs. The chamber was excavated to a height of 48 feet for a length of 55 feet and a width of 72 feet. A black glass dado, 6 ft. 3 in. high, lines the tunnel. Fire-alarm stations and telephone boxes are arranged at intervals of 150 feet and ordinary traffic signals control the traffic at the junctions.

THE MERSEY TUNNEL - THE EXHAUST TOWERS of the six ventilating stations, three on either side of the river, range in height up to 210 feet. Each building contains duplicate sets of blower and exhaust fans which range up to 28 feet in diameter.

THE MERSEY TUNNEL - THE MAIN ENTRANCE TO THE TUNNEL at Liverpool is situated in the Old Haymarket. The subsidiary entrance is conveniently placed to serve the dock system. The length of the main tunnel is 3,751 yards, and the branch tunnels on either side of the river bring the total length of roadway to 5,064 yards. Work was started on the Mersey Tunnel on December 16, 1925, and it was officially named Queensway and opened by King George V on July 18, 1934.

Tunnel Ventilation Building, Woodside near to Birkenhead, Wirral, Great Britain

George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station of the Mersey Road Tunnel, Liverpool | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station of the Mersey Road Tunnel, Liverpool | Flickr - Photo Sharing!