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Dinner aboard the "Spirit of St. Louis" train No. 50 eastbound, enroute from St. Louis to New York. This was a twin-unit dining car. 1953.

St.Louis riverfront restaurant 1940

Louis Faurer - Union Square, New York City, 1950

Simone D'Aillencourt and Dorothea McGowan, photo by Louis Faurer, 1960

Chihuahua - Pacific Railway's "Autovias" train, consisting of fiat diesel cars coming out of one of the 73 tunnels which are located on the line between La Junta and El Fuerte, Mexico on the 281 mile portion of the route traversing the mountain region over the Continental Divide around 1968.

New Haven Comet Ad.

Locomotive and Freight Train on Curve

Kaminojiri, Fukushima, Japan

ACL publicity shot shows the all-Pullman West Coast Special leaving the St. Petersburg depot during the 1940-1941 winter season. The train is led by a P-5B Pacific steam locomotive. Notice the helper locomotive providing a shove at the end of this heavyweight 11 to 12 car consist. It was very hard for the Pacific locomotive's by themselves to start a heavy train on the ruling grade when departing the Saint Petersburg ACL station.

High Bridge From The Cab

Steam locomotive being loaded aboard ship by the Finnieston crane, 1930s

Railroading is people! #travel #1940s #WW2 #ad #trains

The Train Tunnel

The Royal Scot

1944 ... better trains for tomorrow! by x-ray delta one, via Flickr

Central Railroad of NJ train terminal at rush hour. Commuters rush to get to the ferries to Manhattan. Jersey City. Jan 29, 1953

Train and Engineer on Suspension Bridge, Niagara by Museum of Photographic Arts Collections,

Bullet Train, Germany - June 21, 1931

Traveling, Australia by train

india train

Suburban Train - Paris to Versailles