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Until quite recently, blackberries were hardly ever grown in gardens. The main problems were their size and vigour and the thorns. Although we still lack a dwarf blackberry, there are now several thornless selections and hybrids with less vigour. Added to that, the wild blackberries of the countryside have now disappeared to a great extent in th

Summer berry season is almost over...sigh...this makea me so sad. I hope pomegranite season is better than last year at least...sigh...I guess there is apple season, but I do not like apples...not even enough to buy them out of pity.

Believe that this fruit is not available for sale anywhere because it is highly perishable. It has to be consumed within a few short days after harvesting and turns brown within seconds of cutting it open.

black berries are my favorite. I went berry picking with grandpa to many times to count, and I always came home with a bellyache from eating more than I picked. TEE-HEE