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Marugata iron Tsuba decorated with a praying mantis in leaves, Japan, Early Edo 1700-1750

Naotomo - Crustacean with Leaves & Feathers Tsuba. Shibuichi with Gold & Silver Inlays. Japan. Edo Period, Late-18th to Early-19th Centuries.



Oval tsuba pierced with a praying mantis and a cartwheel, Akao School, 1740-60 Presented by Sir C. Hyde Bt. in 1930 #bmag130

Sword Guard (Tsuba). Date: ca. 1615–1868. This sword guard (tsuba) features a design of gourds and leaves.

Tsuba sword guard decorated with persimmon leaves

Circular tsuba, pierced and carved with a ho-ho bird (phoenix) and sprays of paulownia leaves, Bushu School, Japan, 1810-30 Bequeathed to the collection in 1903 #bmag130

Iron tsuba

Tsuba or Sword Guard. Iron. Japan, 19th century.

Edo period Tsuba


tsuba.. :/


Japanese sword guard -tsuba- : from Edo period (19th century), Japan




Edo Period

Yayoi Kusama's work - Naoshima, Takamatsu, Japan