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Pictures of the sculptures from the North Porch, Central Portal, right Jambs- General View c. 1194-1230. Cathedral of Chartres, France . Gothic statues of figures of, from left 1) Isaiah 2) Jeremiah 3) Simeon holding the Christ Child. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jamb Statues At Chartres Cathedral | Jamb statues, Chartres Cathedral (France) Gothic - 1140-1500

Jamb Statues At Chartres Cathedral | ... door jamb statues, south transept, Chartres Cathedral, 13th century

Wooden Gothic sculpture of the Virgin and Child attributeed to Martin Hoffman from the city of Basle, 1507, Switzerland. From the Commandry of Isenheim, Haut Rhin. Inv RF 1833 The Louvre Museum, Paris. | Photos Gallery