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A STEIFF US NAVY MASCOT GOAT, (3328), seated, green and black glass googlie eyes, white mohair, long hair beard, leather horns and hooves, collar with bell, squeaker and script button with yellow coth tag, 1951-58 --12in. (30.5cm.) high (no coat); and a Princeton University Mascot Tiger, seated, green and black glass googlie eyes, orange and white mohair, pink and black stitching, open felt mouth with white painted wooden teeth, swivel head, inoperative squeaker and script button with worn…

A STEIFF STANDING JACK RABBIT, (28), white and brown tipped mohair, brown and black glass eyes, pink and black stitching, red felt tongue, whiskers, velvet ear linings, swivel head, integral purple velvet jacket, cream shirt, orange knickerbockers and white and blue striped socks, jointed arms, leather shoes and belt, brass buttons and FF button with red cloth tag, 1929 --11½in. (29cm.) high (some discolouration, sole of one shoe replaced)

A STEIFF POM-POM SKI RABBIT, (Skihas 17), yellow, white and red wool, brown and black glass eyes, whiskers, mohair ears, blue knitted scarf, wooden skis and ski poles and FF button, 1936-1940 --5¼in. (13.5cm.) high

A STEIFF POST-WAR UNLISTED BLACK MOHAIR ROCKY CAPRICORN GOAT, (1322,00?), standing, green and black plastic eyes, pink stitching, felt horns and script button with remains of yellow cloth tag --9¾in. (25cm.) long; and two Yuku Pronghorn Antelope, (1322,00 and 1335,00), golden brown and white mohair, black airbrushing, black plastic eyes, rubber horns, script buttons yellow cloth tags, smaller with chest tag and larger with U.S. import tag, 1962-63 --11½in. (29cm.) and 8in. (20.5cm.) high …

Idiacanthus antrostomus - Female blackdragons are about two feet (61 cm) long and have fanglike teeth and a long chin whisker. The males are small, about three inches (8 cm) in length, and brownish in color. They have no teeth, no chin barbel and no stomach. Unable to eat, the male lives only long enough to mate.

Love the face on this 12'' German Steiff mohair dog with button, ca 1920.

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Vintage Valentine Reproduction Honey Bear


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Personalized Kids Wall Art, Button Wall Art, Baby Nursery Decor, Nursery Art Canvas, Love in Buttons, Girl Gift, You Choose Colors and Size

LOVE this idea :)