A STEIFF US NAVY MASCOT GOAT, (3328), seated, green and black glass googlie eyes, white mohair, long hair beard, leather horns and hooves, collar with bell, squeaker and script button with yellow coth tag, 1951-58 --12in. (30.5cm.) high (no coat); and a Princeton University Mascot Tiger, seated, green and black glass googlie eyes, orange and white mohair, pink and black stitching, open felt mouth with white painted wooden teeth, swivel head, inoperative squeaker and script button with worn y...

Outstanding German Black-Complexioned Bisque Character,1358,by Simon and Halbig 22" (56 cm.) Bisque socket head with ebony-black complexion,brown glass sleep eyes,mohair lashes,black sculpted brows with highlight glaze,painted black lashes,accented nostrils,open mouth,shaded-coral very full lips,four porcelain teeth,pierced ears,black fleecy wig,black composition and wooden ball-jointed body,wearing very fine antique multi-layered costume.

A STEIFF SAMPLE ORANGE VELVET RABBIT, (3415), seated, brown and black glass eyes, pink and black stitching, swivel head, wired ears, ribbon with bell, Muster button and FF button with red cloth tag with handwritten number, circa 1929 --5in. (18cm.) high (right ear with tear, some rusting to wire which has stained the ear and buttons a little rusty)

A STEIFF POST-WAR UNLISTED BLACK MOHAIR ROCKY CAPRICORN GOAT, (1322,00?), standing, green and black plastic eyes, pink stitching, felt horns and script button with remains of yellow cloth tag --9¾in. (25cm.) long; and two Yuku Pronghorn Antelope, (1322,00 and 1335,00), golden brown and white mohair, black airbrushing, black plastic eyes, rubber horns, script buttons yellow cloth tags, smaller with chest tag and larger with U.S. import tag, 1962-63 --11½in. (29cm.) and 8in. (20.5cm.) high (...

Eley Kishimoto - $326 EYE EYE IVY CYCLE HOODY 'TOY TOWN EDEN' HIGH SUMMER 2012 Whimsically leafy 'Eye Eye Ivy' printed single jersey hoody with front exposed silver teeth zip opening. Features raglan sleeves, roomy front seam pockets and drawstring hood fully lined in self. Perfect for spring and summer nights. Shoulder to hem length approximately 49 cm. GREEN (Green 'Eye Eye Ivy' print on white base) BLACK (Black 'Eye Eye Ivy' print on white base) 100% COTTON

Lucky Teeth by The Black Apple

Barking black dog.

Annalee 7" Patriotic Girl #2 with Sailor Hat Annalee Doll Description: Open eyes looking forward, open mouth with top and bottom teeth, blonde hair, red and white striped dress, sailor hat with monogram blue "A", red satin bow, blue collar, white socks, blue shoes, removable beige felt base. Included is a 10" freestanding flag with a removable black wooden base. Sue Coffee Exclusive. Made in Meredith, NH USA. Companions items 984400 and 987600.

yammok: The Pacific blackdragon is a deep sea fish, that can be found up to depths of up to 3,300 ft. Female blackdragons are about two feet long and have fang like teeth and a long chin whisker. They are black on the outside, as well as on the inside to prevent light from swallowed bio-luminescent prey shining out. From Funny Little World

cristian black photography | mechanical teeth.

Papua New Guinea | Chest/Breast Ornament | Cymbium shell, two drilled holes on the upper rim for attachment of a plaited plant fibre string set with nassa snails, animal teeth and cowrie shells, on wooden board, coated with black velvet; cymbium shells of such size were worn by men of the Southern Highlands on special occasions. At important masquerades they were worn by women as well. | 180€ ~ sold

Rose Zipper Brooch in Black and Gold Teeth von designerplayground

Idiacanthus antrostomus - Female blackdragons are about two feet (61 cm) long and have fanglike teeth and a long chin whisker. The males are small, about three inches (8 cm) in length, and brownish in color. They have no teeth, no chin barbel and no stomach. Unable to eat, the male lives only long enough to mate.

NCAA USNA Navy Mascot Mohair Stuffed Goat Toy Souvenir Vintage 1940s. $45.00, via Etsy.


vriad_lee: little needle felted white goat!

Angora goats ready for their 6 monthly shearing #goatvet

EweLa Christmas Boer Goat Stocking Ornament by farmyardart on Etsy Christmas


Spotted Brown and White Wool Felt Goat Doll. $15.00, via Etsy.