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funny wine quotes | Funny Wine Quotes + Sayings: Liquid Laughter 5 – Natalie MacLean

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If I ever go missing, I would like my photo put on wine bottles instead of milk cartons. This way my friends will know to look for me.

Quote on drunk ecard: Weekend forecast: Mild alcoholism with a 70% chance of poor decisions and poor judgement. An increasing chance of regret and a hangover for Sunday.

Everyone around me seems to be getting married and having babies, and I'm just sitting here like... I like wine and uninterrupted sleep. So true!

They should put more wine in a bottle.... So there's enough for two people.

If you have to ask if it is too early to drink wine... you're an amateur and we probably shouldn't be friends.

I drink one glass of red wine a day for my health. The rest of the bottle is because I like wine.

I don't drink but this makes me giggle every time I read it haha If I did drink I would definitely say this haha!