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  • Sound Storage Lynnwood

    Now, let’s see the bean tepee blossoming and shining up your house along with the laughter of your kids playing happily around and inside this superb bean tepee! Kids would definitely have their imagination grown in this awesome gardening idea. Plus, you will also get a wondrous crop of pole beans or green beans.

  • Chelsey

    A nice old fashioned green bean teepee for an edible backyard play house. (Forget waiting for kids- I want one NOW!)

  • Jan Brown

    how about planting a green bean teepee for kids to play in?

  • Chelsea Chase

    Garden teepee. Use any climbing plant. Green beans, tomatoes, morning glories, ivy....

  • Christina Larson

    Long Bean Teep

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Hyacinth Bean Vine, great plant started with seed. I have been planting these for over 5 years from seeds taken each year. Plant in full sun. These are spectacular. Never buy seeds after your first harvest. Put the seed in between wet paper towels and place inside a zip lock type bag. They will germinate faster and then transplant when the ground begins to warm...