Break open that Liquid Advil to zap a ZIT! Aspirin has long been known as an in-a-pinch zit zapper--but technology has created pimple-fighter 2.0 thanks to liquid gel formulas. “I hear makeup artists use this all the time on models backstage at fashion shows,” says beauty guru Robin Coe-Hutshing. “Open up an Advil gel cap and apply it right onto the pimple. Who knew??


Knife Pleat Tank, grey Bree Jean, Chic Jacket, done!

Turquoise necklace, gold necklace, turquoise and gold, bridesmaid jewelry, bridal pendant, best friend necklace, 14k gold necklace, "Antiope. $20.00, via Etsy.

neutral dress...bright blazer

Turquoise. I love maxi dresses/skirts. So comfy and cute!

hot pink + turquoise + black

Love the white on white

gold shorts + white blouse

Leather and nude

Cute Outfit - Raw Turquoise Statement Necklace | $38.00 | Always Free USA Shipping #TurquoiseStone

Coral and turquoise bathing suit


Love this color. It is amazing with a dark tan. And that necklace is gorgeous. Simple things that just go together well. JewelMint has more to offer:) Go take a look.

Black with Turquoise accessories...these by Rocki Gorman

reminds me of my linen pants


color pairing is perfect

casual chic :: leather #fashion

great outfit