love the hair!

gorgeous curled half up half down wedding hair ~ we ❤ this!

half-up/half-down hairstyles!

Long hair style,

this really pretty too! My hair can usually hold curl for quite sometime

curls half down, grad hair

This is so pretty.

wedding hair

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Wedding hair

To get this beautiful pinned half updo, follow this step-by-step hair tutorial. It's a pretty style to wear to your next holiday party if you have long to medium length hair.

So pretty!! But with my hair, it would take forEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR

pretty sure I'm doing some form of this for my wedding day hair - big sexy bed head curls and all...

Possible wedding hair?

Will wear my hair half up half down. Probably not as curly.

I shall have my hair like this one day(: