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Obama begins Zimbabwe style confiscation of white owned land in Wyoming {Everybody better read this article} Combined with Turkish Muslim infiltration of Native American Reservations.

Tras amasar una colección privada de arte afroamericano por más de cuatro décadas, Bill Cosby y su esposa Camille planean exhibir sus tesoros por primera v


Israeli Citizens Use Giant Banner to Send Obama a Stern Message

Israeli Citizens Use Giant Banner to Send Obama a Stern Message. Interesting.........

This might finally make Texas a place worth visiting. For the most part, Texans are selfish and rude people, but I'd forgive them that if they would just execute a greedy corporation.

UN Gun Treaty - U.N. to Take Up NRA-Opposed Global Arms Treaty Negotiations Again. Huh agenda 21 & one world order???

More Selective Reporting from the Main Stream Media. Selective outrage! Liberal lemmings don't have the brain function capable of seeing the constant lies.

united states shale gas plays map | the fayetteville shale play and oklahoma the woodford shale play

from sharia unveiled

United States Government Gave More Than $37 Billion in 2013 to Nations That Persecute Christians